All you need to Know about Dentures

Generally speaking, it is believed that people are not aware of the aspects related to dentures. For instance, some of the people don’t know that dentures are, and some are not sure about the merits and demerits of the dentures. This is why it is important to highlight the role of dentures in boosting the oral health and providing you alternatives to teeth whitening kit. Hence, the tips mentioned in this article will help you to come up with a clear picture and inform you in the best manner.

Defining Dentures

To put simply, dentures are the artificial alternatives to teeth and gums, which are installed in the mouth to replace or make up for the loss or damage occurred in the mouth. They can be full or partial, this means some of the people get the dentures to replace all the teeth, while other go for two or three of the teeth replacements. This means that the number of dentures would depend on the damage in your mouth and personal preferences. Moreover, the customization or personalization of the dentures is an essential element to install them in one’s mouth, as it is done in accordance with the size and conditions of the mouth.

Types of Materials

Traditionally, dentures were made from porcelain or plastic; however, as a result, of the advancements and modern changes, the focus on hard resin has increased. The main purpose is to ensure that the artificial denture will not break in your mouth in addition to becoming brittle. For instance, the fragile material can crack or it can cause more damage, as it is not strong enough. This is why dentists prefer to use the options which will not wear down in addition to providing the client with long lasting results. For example, if the quality of the dentures is not good, the patient will have to replace them after six months, which could be costly for them. In addition, the supporting materials attached with the dentures to hold or install in the gums is also in the same texture (resin) so that it would provide the strong foundation to the dentures. The merit of the resin is that it is flexible in terms of fitting with the gums and providing a strong base.


Merits of Dentures

One of the best features of going for the dentures is that it can make your smile seem beautiful by filling the space of the missing teeth in addition to proving a nice structure to your mouth around the cheeks and lips section. Moreover, the eating and chewing of the food are made easy if you choose the dentures, as it would keep your diet good and facilitate you in providing the energy and nourishment needed for your body. Furthermore, some of the patients choose dentures because it relieves the pain of broken or damaged teeth in addition to giving you the alternative to rotten roots. In simple words, you have an alternative to damaged teeth and it improves your appearance and mouth structure.

What are Partial Dentures?

If you are not interested in getting full dentures, people have the option of getting partial dentures. The main idea is to replace the couple of damaged teeth rather than going for the alternative of all the teeth. For example, if the area near your natural teeth is not in a healthy condition or if it needs a dental bridge, the dentures can offer a myriad of choices. Additionally, classic partial dentures are attached to the part of the gum that will require support in form of connecting to the nearby damaged tooth from further destruction. However, it does not mean that they can be attached to the teeth on the long term basis, as it can be taken out or removed before sleeping.

Full Dentures

Though some of the patients like to call the full dentures as complete dentures, however, the main purpose of having them is to replace most of the teeth. They are attached to the gum line and installed with the help of suction or an oral adhesive to give your strong foundation. Furthermore, they can be easily removed in accordance with your routine and preference.

Immediate Dentures and Overdentures

Though there are partial and complete dentures, however, if you are interested in surveying the additional options, you can go for a short-term solution over a permanent one. For example, the first type is created to suit the need of the person in terms of providing an option right after the tooth extraction and before the patient goes into the healing phase. Another benefit is that dentures can be fitted again into the gum line, especially if you need a solution for few months. For example, in some cases, the swelling and jaw problem can be managed if you are in the process of healing.  Hence, the short-term or immediate dentures can be replaced with the permanent ones.

On the other hand, the overdentures are the options for those who are not comfortable with the traditional options. Sometimes, patients have few teeth left in the mouth, so they go for overdentures. They are installed over the roots of the natural teeth or in form of the dental implants if the natural teeth cannot support them. Furthermore, some of the patients find the option of overdentures more convenient.

Implant-Supported Dentures

This specific type of dentures is used with the dental implants in form of providing the cushioning. Though a dental implant is more of a permanent fixture for a number of missing teeth in form of supporting the jawbone and overall mouth, however, they are made up of a tooth implant in addition to metal parts and the crown area is customized to provide a natural look. Moreover, there are various options for attaching them with the gum line or damaged tooth, however, it is preferred by the patients to have them installed on the lower because the upper jaw may create problems. This is not to say that you cannot get an implant on both the jaws.

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